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:: HR Surveys is planning to run a series of Human Resource related surveys.

Companies who participate in the surveys will receive executive summaries of the results. Companies who require more detailed survey results will be able to purchase these at a predetermined rate per survey.



:: NDP Vision 2030 supports the immediate implementation of the National Development Plan


We have a plan all South Africans can unite behind - its our future, let’s make it work!

:: Workshops
Training Programmes & Workshops Calendar of Events
  • Developing an HR Business Strategy

  • Recruitment and Selection

  • Workforce and Succession Planning Workshop

  • Workplace Communications Workshop

  • Industrial Relations Workshop

  • Wage Negotiation Management Support Workshop

  • Employment Equity Committee Training

  • Workplace Violence Prevention course

  • Guidelines for Internal Statutory Committees (EE and  / or SDC)

  • Basic HR for Line Managers

  • Managing for Diversity Workshop

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Powerful Interpersonal Supervisory Skills - Managing the Power of Expectations

  • Talent Management

  • Time Management

  • Introduction to Human Resource Management

  • Planning for retrenchments

Online Calendar of upcoming events

We offer the following special offers on our public workshops:

  1. Register three delegates for any public workshop and the fourth delegate may attend free of charge.

  2. Should you wish to attend a public workshop that is not presented in your area, we will give you a 20% discount on the workshop, to assist with the flight and accommodation costs.

  3. Book and pay 1 month in advance for a public workshop, and receive an Early Bird registration discount of 5%.

  4. and subscribers receive a 10% discount on all workshops.

Workshop Customisation can customise any of our courses to suit your training requirements or develop courses on request.

Contact Carol Dowdle
Director: Sales & Marketing
Tel:      +27 (0)11 462 0982 (Office)
Fax:     +27 (0)86 689 7860
Cell:     +27 (0)71 943 5540

Upcoming Events

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:: Employment Equity DVD

1 October 2015 is the compulsory Employment Equity reporting period for all designated employers.

If your company employs more than 50 employees or has a total annual turnover above the thresholds specified in the Act (commencing at R5m), your organisation is defined as a designated employer.

NEW: Employment Equity Act and amended Regulations, 2014

The CD ROM contains the following information:- To view a PDF version of the full Index, click here

  1. 2 Free 20 minute Employment Equity awareness videos - “Getting Employment Equity Working for You” & ‘’Understanding Diversity’’ ideal for employee training and awareness sessions

  2. 100 page template for a comprehensive Employment Equity Plan

  3. Employment Equity templates for EE Committees, EE Constitution & Dispute Resolution

  4. Department of Labour Assessment Criteria

  5. Key EE Labour Court decisions on Employment Equity as at 1 May 2014

  6. Comprehensive Employment Equity Implementation Manual (400 pages)

  7. Excel spread sheet to determine citizenship status

  8. Economically active population data sources, including population profiles by level of education and age

  9. All applicable Employment Equity Legislation, Regulations & Codes of Good Practice


  • Is the economically active population profile relevant to your business without regard to the levels of education of various population groups?

  • Is your business able to meet the onerous DOL audits and produce supporting plans, minutes of consultation meetings and supporting human resource policies?

  • Has your company conducted communication awareness sessions with employees?

 Text Box:
                                  Are you ready for a Department of
                                  Labour Audit??

The data sources on the CD ROM will allow your organisation to make more informed decisions when setting relevant numerical goals & annual targets.


R1 995, 00 including VAT & Postage using SAPO Fast Mail | Order two or more CD ROMS & obtain a 20% discount

Order Online | Download Order Form

:: Now Offers Psychometric Testing

Click here to request our brochure of Psychometric tests offered by

Susan Fourie
Training & Development Specialist
M.Soc Sc
Registered with Health Professions Council Psychologists (Industrial Psychology) - PS 0063169
Registered as a Social Worker with the Society of Social Workers SACSSP
Registered as Constituent Assessor with Services Seta
C: 082 775 5256
O: 011 462 0982

Latest Articles

The History of Intelligence Testing
Myers Briggs Type IndicatorÆ (MBTI) – simplifies the mysteries of personality for employees
Book Review: Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work by P Babaik & R D Hare
Safeguarding HR Processes from Dishonesty and Psychopathic Behaviour based on ‘Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work’ by P Babaik & R D Hare
The Basics of Psychometrics
The High Price Of Career Lies

:: Membership Benefits

Subscribe today is an annual  subscription service that provides members with  access to a wealth of information in the following areas:


Specialist Areas

Online manuals included in membership

  • Human Resource policies and procedures

  • Employment legislation

  • Industrial Relations policies and procedures

  • Training and development

  • Employment Equity

  • Psychometric Assessments

  • Workplace Skills Plans

  • Comprehensive HR Policies and Procedures Manual

  • Employment Equity Implementation Manual

  • Workforce and Succession Planning Manual

  • Workplace Communications Manual

  • Retrenchment Manual

  • Training Manual

  • HR Strategic Planning Manual

  • Talent Management Manual

  • Coaching and Mentoring Manual

  • Recruitment and Selection Manual (NEW)


Only R1 995, 00 including VAT per member per annum.


Click here for a brochure.

Or contact Carol Dowdle on 011 462 0982 or 0861 WORKINFO or email her on


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 :: Consulting Services
All consultants are recognised professionals in their field of expertise and are able to offer our customers a broad and expert range of consulting services.

We offer a hands on experience of the issues that face our clients, linked to experience gained and developed at the highest levels in the sectors and disciplines in which we work.

:: Areas of Specialisation:
  • Industrial Relations Consulting Services
  • Employment Equity
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Skills Development
  • Management Training
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Communications and Public Relations
  • Human Resources Strategic Planning
  • Health and Safety
  • Workforce and Succession Planning
  • Development of Human Resource Policies and Procedures
  • Surveys and Climate Studies
  • Talent Management
  • Work/Life Balance - Service offerings

:: Human Resource Information Technology Solutions

  • Bespoke Learning Management Solutions
  • Online delivery of training programmes
  • 9 Factor Job Grading
:: Industrial Relations Support & Advisory Services

 :: New Product Release Job Description Compiler is proud to introduce its latest product for businesses. A comprehensive job description compiler with over 2,000 job titles and over 19,000 task listings. A complete, customizable solution for creating and managing job descriptions for companies of all sizes. Click here to read more

Planning for Retrenchments - click here for an outline of our latest course on how to prepare for retrenchments

South African Human Resources Management: Theory & practice

Click here to order online | Click here to read the book contents | Click here to view larger image

New Product: Settlement Agreement Toolkit

:: New articles available on





 :: New Services

Workforce planning consulting services

Increasingly organisations today are trying to map out the skill sets of their workforce to understand who they have and what they need -- and what external factors may impact on achieving strategic initiatives. What that would tell you is where you need to go. Contact us today to project plan a workforce and succession planning initiative for your organisation and gain a competitive advantage in the market place. Read more

Revise or develop your in-house Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual

The convention of organisational Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manuals received new life with promulgation of the Employment Equity Act, which ushered in the discipline of employment systems reviews. Traditionally Human Resource Manuals merely sought to set out in typical fashion Company employment practices with particular emphasis on regulatory requirements and statutory compliance. Read more

Online Shopping Cart

Members may now subscribe to or or purchase human resource products & services at To learn more about this service, click here. HR Executive Forum 

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The HR Executive Forum is a free service allowing HR professionals to exchange ideas, ask questions and voice their opinions on any HR related topic. To join this free service visit the membership page, by clicking here. To read more about this new service, click here.

Free Preview

Download a selection of free policies & procedures.
Preview our Complete Index.
Black economic empowerment legislation, charters and scorecards.

 :: Online Surveys & Polls

Available Surveys

Previous Surveys

Surveys on Request 

  • Conduct an in-house Human Resource Customer Service Survey (fee based - specific to each company.) Request your internal customers (employees) to evaluate HR Service delivery and use the results to improve your service offerings.


:: Publications Publications

Digest of Disciplinary Offences | Employment Equity Implementation Manual | Human Resources Policies & Procedures Manual | Workforce Planning & Succession Manual | Workplace Communications Manual

Essential Labour Law Publications

Whistleblowing Around the World Law | Dr Grogan's Labour Law Sibergrammes | Collective Bargaining Law | What you must know about Unfair Dismissal" by Prof. Andre van Niekerk | What you must know about Labour Arbitration | Promotion of Access to Information Act Commentary | What you must know about Employing a Domestic Worker | Contracts of Employment | Recommended HR Publications  | Whose Right is it Anyway Equality, Culture and Conflicts of Rights in SA  | Corporate Governance | South African Contemporary Labour Law |
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 :: HRIS Capabilities
Workforce analytics enable Human Resource professionals to be more engaged in the formulation and implementation of corporate strategy and implementation of learning programmes. The result is better fact-based decision-making capability that is aligned with the long-term business imperatives of their organizations.

1. Learning Management System (LMS)

2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

3. Content Management System (CMS)

4. Electronic Corporate Publications and Desktop Publishing

5. HR Intranets

To read more, click here

:: Discussion Forum
Google Groups
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 :: Recruitment

We specialise in Human Resource and Industrial Relations vacancies.

For our general terms and conditions or to apply for or submit a vacancy please contact:


Gary Watkins


C: 082 416 7712

T:  0861 967 546

F: 086 689 7862

 :: Employment Equity

Commission for Employment Equity Annual Report 2011


Oliphant laments slow pace of workplace equity


World report on disability (June 2011)


Empirically based Workforce Planning


National and Regional Economically Active Population Profiles (Census 2001)


Public Debate(?) on National and Regional Economically Active Population


Govt withdraws special policy for Zimbabweans - questions every South African employer should ask themselves?

What Economically Active Profiles (EAP) are appropriate for your organisation?

Moving from pure regulatory compliance to a culture of voluntary moral compliance by Gary Watkins

10th annual report of the Employment Equity Commission

Skilled human resource key to economic growth

World of Work 2010 - Snapshot of South Africa 2010

Report on Dropout and Learner Retention Strategy, June 2011

Annual National Learner Assessments, June 2011
Special Offer

 :: Contact Details

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CCMA Awards
Labour Court Judgements

perrott . van niekerk . woodhouse matyolo inc.
Contemporary Labour Law
                                          is a monthly journal read by
                                          industrial relations
                                          practitioners, attorneys,
                                          union officials, academics,
                                          human resource managers, NGO's
                                          and all those who require
                                          authoritative, regular and
                                          concise updates on South
                                          Africa's rapidly changing
                                          labour law.
Labour Law

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 ASTD Forum SA

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 :: HR Institutions

Human Resources Council of South Africa

South African Board for Personnel Practice


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